Lorenzo Bruno

15th July 2019

Focus, Clarity and Simplicity

General thoughts on how to build a product

When a website (as any other product) is built and maintained with focus on the original main purpose for the website itself to be live  ( information, brand recognition, …), and when that purpose is made simple to achieve for the user throughout the navigation, in this case, the website, will just need good, recurring content update (and small planned adjustments as a result of long term testing).

If the website is built in the first place with great clarity and when that clarity is shared to the team that maintain the website and the user that will use it, it will be easier to have good SEO, and great conversion because they will follow simplicity and clarity of structure of the website.

If this basic parameter are followed (focus, clarity and simplicity) the user experience has great foundation to be enjoyable.

Once a website has clear and strong foundation, it’s time to add finesses with the UI that will elevate the user experience from enjoyable to outstanding.


The key to achieve these results is to follow the steps without jumping on solutions and making assumptions (believing that this will speed up the process), it is imperative to  have a proper understanding of your purpose and a good research to understand your target. ( for better example check here )

Website maintenance : Consistency keeper

Once your website has been designed and implemented to fit your purpose you need to maintain consistency to the strategy. This means having one person (or a team) to act as “consistency keeper”, to filter and check all the content that will be published on the website and any design update.


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