Lorenzo Bruno

09th August 2019

Purpose > Feature > Shape

When changing the order changes the result 

Have you ever tried to get out of the house without opening the door first? Or getting ready for a fancy party and putting on your trousers before your underwear? (you’ll be for sure the soul of the party)

Do tasks completed in different order bring to the same result?

When approaching a project (or simply an issue), the function/solution that will resolve the project will need to be defined after understanding the main purpose that the project has to fulfilled.

Missing this step will mean forcing a solution (that we might be attracted to) to fit a problem (there are chances that the solution will partially or totally work but it’s going to be a matter of luck).

Once the scope is clear (and the main reasons that can make the project a success or a failure are too) solutions can be defined and then narrowed down to those one that meet best the project purpose.

( to understand better check out here )

Once a solution is defined it can be implemented properly by shaping it so that its aesthetic will improve and enhance the solution itself.

If the Shape is defined before the function (or even worse before we understand the purpose), the best user experience, and more generally the user, it is not at the center of our focus so, ultimately, this means that the final product cannot be defined as designed.


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